Frolics On Ice in East Gwillimbury Nov. 30 - Dec.1st Results

Congratulations to all the skaters for the fantastic skate

Event Group Skater Rank
Pre-Preliminary StarSkate Group 1   Eena Yoon 2nd
Pre-Preliminary StarSkate Group 1 Grace Robinson 6th 
Pre-Preliminary StarSkate Group 2 Ava Burbank 4th
Pre-Preliminary StarSkate  Group 2 Dana Zarezankova    6th
Pre-Preliminary StarSkate Men        Carson Klein 3rd
Preliminary Development  Group 1 Colleen Tordoff 2nd
Preliminary Development Group 2 Julia Teti 2nd
Preliminary StarSkate Group 1 Samantha Hadden 3rd
Preliminary StarSkate Group 1 Danielle Sparrow 2nd
Preliminary StarSkate Group 2 Adriana Benoit-Meschino   4th
Preliminary StarSkate Group 2 Madisyn Lamoure 2nd
Pre-Introductory Freeskate Group 1 Kiera Pignatelli 5th
Pre-Introductory Freeskate Group 4  Annika Nerling 4th
Pre-Introductory Freeskate Men Edward Chen 2nd
Pre-Introductory Freeskate Men Adriano Fanuzzi 3rd
Introductory Freeskate Group 2 Edyn Rubbens 7th
Introductory Men Jerod Sparrow 1st
Preliminary Solo Dance Group 1 Eena Yoon 4th
Junior Bronze Solo Dance Group 1 Samantha Hadden 2nd
Junior Bronze Solo Dance Group 1 Colleen Tordoff 1st
Senior Bronze Solo Dance Adriana Beniot-Meschino 5th
Senior Bronze Solo Dance Madisyn Lamoure 4th
Senior Bronze Solo Dance Danielle Sparrow 2nd
Junior Bronze Development Group 2 Erin Forster 2nd
Senior Bronze StarSkate Group 2  Haven Moulds 5th
Senior Bronze StarSkate Group 2 Cassandra Tremblay 4th
Junior Silver StarSkate Geneva Bailey 3rd
Junior Silver Solo Dance Haven Moulds 1st
Junior Silver Solo Dance Cassandra Tremblay 5th