As a not-for-profit organization, fundraising is required to assist in continuing to provide excellence, incorporate new programs, program materials, host special events and meet club expenditures.

Support from all STARSkate families is required with a one time, seasonal, mandatory non-refundable amount of $50.00/family.  In past years, the Aurora Skating Club has participated in a variety of fundraising events. These events have had varying success and at times serve to be frustrating for many families.  The Executive Board Members have decided to implement a seasonal fundraising fee of $50.00 (per family/skater) in lieu of any mandatory fundraising initiatives. 

The money raised by fundraising partially funds the following:

  • Fun Events: Spirit Day
  • STARSkate Banquet & Awards
  • Ice Show (bi-annual)
  • Administrative costs

 Thank you again for supporting your club!

Aurora Skating Club