Intro to Synchro

Welcome to ASC Intro to Synchro

Synchronized skating, or “synchro” is a specialized discipline of skating involving groups of eight or more skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. The objective is for the team to perform as one unit executing circles, blocks, lines, wheels and intersections in unison to the music, while demonstrating quality edges, power and flow.

The Aurora Skating Club is excited to bring a new skating program to the club that allows our skaters to join this new team element!

Important Prerequisite:

  • In order to register for this program the skater must be a registered 2017-2018 ASC STARSKATE (Nov/Sen/Adv) member.
  • The skater must be a STARSkate member skating a minimum 2 days a week within the same session as this registration.

 Important Notice:

  • This is a TEAM sport, it is important that all skaters show up to all practices in order to learn new skills, elements, and formations.
  • As this is a TEAM sport and the skaters are learning together, late registrations will require Synchro Coach approval.
  • The Synchro Team will perform a showcase in the Ice Show on Saturday, April 7, 2018 (regular Ice Show fees will apply).