Welcome to the Aurora Skating Club

 Teaching skating in Aurora since 1953!


The Aurora Skating Club offers Skate Canada's Learn-to-Skate National Badge Program which was developed by Skate Canada experts. This program offers a series of balance, control and agility skills that will prepare skaters for any ice skating sport or recreational skating. The Aurora Skating Club has been teaching skating since 1953 and has earned a trusted reputation of teaching excellence!

Two Learn to Skate Programs:

  • CanSkate: This is a beginner level program for boys & girls starting at age 3 years.  Skaters strive to achieve the Skate Canada badge levels 1 to 6.  At the end of each seasonal session the skaters receive a progress report. 
  • CanSkate Plus: This program is for skaters who have achieved badge level 5 or higher and want to move on to learn how to figure skate.   

STARSKATE - Figure Skating

STARSkate = Skills | Test | Achievement | Recognition, that's what the STARSkate is all about!  The Aurora Skating Club offers the STARSkate Program for skaters who have achieved badge level 6.  This program introduces skaters to the sport of figure skating and its disciplines: Ice Dance, Freeskate, Skills, & Interpretive skating. Private coaching is recommended at this level, please see our list of talented coaches on the "Coaches" page which can be found on the "About Us"  pull down menu on the homepage. STAR 1 to 5 Testing & Competitions are also introduced at this level. Coaches communicate with skaters and their parents regarding testing and competitions.

NEW THIS SEASON:  "Intro to Synchro"  - Synchronized skating is a specialized discipline of skating involving groups of skaters performing various group formations and maneuvers. Please note: this program has STARSkate prerequisites please contact the ASC office for more information.