SCWNY Spring Skate 2014

Congratulations to all the skaters for the fantastic skate

Event Group Skater Rank
Totsicles Basic Skills Finleigh Smith 1st
Basic Skills Level 2 Gabby Tsioros 2nd
Basic Skills Level 4   Mitchell Nelson 2nd
Basic Skills Level 5   Jack Rispin  2nd
Basic Skills Level 6   Nicole Williams 4th
High Beginner Compulsory Moves B Nicole Williams 7th 
High Beginner Compulsory Moves C Emily Kemp 2nd 
No Test Compulsory Moves A Kenny Huang 6th 
No Test Compulsory Moves A Jerod Sparrow 3rd
No Test Compulsory Moves B Samantha Tsioros 6th
No Test Compulsory Moves C Anna Tsatsura 3rd
Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves C Grace Robinson 4th
Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves D Edyn Rubbens 6th
Preliminary Compulsory Moves A Samantha Haddden 2nd
Preliminary Compulsory Moves C Madisyn Lamoure 3rd
Preliminary Compulsory Moves C Dana Zarezankova 1st
Preliminary Compulsory Moves D Simona Fanuzzi 5th
Preliminary Compulsory Moves D Kassidy Yaeck 6th
Preliminary Compulsory Moves E Brittany Erickson 6th
Preliminary Compulsory Moves E Madison Lenchak 5th
Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves B Julia Teti 4th
Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves D Anastasia Severinets 2nd
Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves E Cassie Tsioros 8th
Juvenile Compulsory Moves B Haven Moulds 9th
Juvenile Compulsory Moves B Cassandra Tremblay 2nd
Intermediate Compulsory Moves Erin Forster 10th
Beginner Boys Jumps Kenny Huang 2nd
Beginner Boys Jumps Jerod Sparrow 3rd
Beginner Jumps B Emily Kemp 3rd
Beginner Jumps D Anna Tsatsura 5th
Beginner Jumps D Samantha Tsioros 1st
Pre-Preliminary Boys Jumps Carson Klein 3rd
Pre-Preliminary Jumps C Grace Robinson 5th
Preliminary Jumps A Samantha Hadden 3rd
Preliminary Jumps B Julia Teti 1st
Preliminary Jumps B Danielle Sparrow 2nd
Preliminary Jumps C Madisyn Lamoure 5th
Preliminary Jumps D Anastasia Severinets 1st
Pre-Juvenile Jumps D Cassandra Tremblay 6th
Beginner Spins A Nicole Williams 7th
Beginner Spins C Emily Kemp 4th
Beginner Spins C Anna Tsatsura 2nd
Pre-Preliminary Boys Spins Kenny Huang 4th
Pre-Preliminary Boys Spins Jerod Sparrow 1st
Pre-Preliminary Spins D Edyn Rubbens 3rd
Preliminary Spins C Simona Fanuzzi 6th
Preliminary Spins C Dana Zarezankova 2nd
Preliminary Spins D Brittany Erickson 5th
Pre-Juvenile Spins B Julia Teti 8th
Pre-Juvenile Spins C Madisyn Lamoure 1st
Pre-Juvenile Spins D Anastasia Severinets 4th
Pre-Juvenile Spins E Cassie Tsioros 6th
Intermediate Spins B Erin Forster 5th
High Beginners Test Track Freeskate B Emily Kemp 8th
High Beginners Test Track Freeskate B Anna Tsatsura 7th
Pre-Preliminary Boys Test Track Freeskate Kenny Huang 2nd
Pre-Preliminary Test Track Freeskate C Edyn Rubbens 7th
Pre-Preliminary Test Track Freeskate D Samantha Tsioros 2nd
Preliminary Boys Test Track Freeskate Jerod Sparrow 2nd
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate A Grace Robinson 4th
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate  C Kassidy Yaeck 6th
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate D Brittany Erickson 5th
Preliminary Test Track Freeskate D Madison Lenchak 4th
Juvenile Boys Test Track Freeskate Carson Klein 1st
Preliminary A Freeskate A Madisyn Lamoure 5th
Preliminary A Freeskate A Julia Teti 7th
Preliminary A Freeskate A Dana Zarezankova 8th
Preliminary A Freeskate B Simona Fanuzzi 7th
Preliminary A Freeskate B Anastasia Severinets 2nd
Juvenile Test Track Freeskate  B Cassie Tsioros 7th
Pre-Juvenile Freeskate A Samantha Hadden 6th
Novice Test Track Freeskate Julia Steiner 8th
Novice Test Track Freeskate Cassandra Tremblay 2nd
Intermediate Test Track Freeskate Erin Forster 4th
Intermediate Test Track Freeskate Haven Moulds 7th
Blues Solo Dance Madisyn Lamoure 1st
Blues Solo Dance Cassandra Tremblay 2nd
Kilian Solo Dance Haven Moulds 1st
Rocker Foxtrot Shadow Dance Madisyn Lamoure/Cassandra Tremblay 1st
Rocker Foxtrot Shadow Dance Simona Fanuzzi/Anastasia Severinets 2nd
14 Step Shadow Dance Samantha Hadden/Grace Robinson 2nd
Killian Shadow Dance Yasmine Arshad/Haven Moulds 3rd
Killian Shadow Dance Jasmine Biasi/Courtney McGrath 1st
Preliminary Footwork A Samantha Hadden 3rd
Pre-Juvenile/Juvenile Footwork Simona Fanuzzi 10th
Pre-Juvenile/Juvenile Footwork Erin Forster 9th
Pre-Juvenile/Juvenile Footwork Anastasia Severinets 2nd
Pre-Juvenile/Juvenile Footwork  Danielle Sparrow 5th
Intermediate/Novice Footwork Jasmine Biasi 4th
Intermediate/Novice Footwork Courtney McGrath 9th
Intermediate/Novice Footwork Cassandra Tremblay 7th
Junior/Senior Footwork Julia Steiner 4th
Pre-Preliminary Showcase Julia Teti 4th
Preliminary Showcase A Dana Zarezankova 5th
Preliminary Showcase B Madisyn Lamoure 1st
Junior Showcase A Erin Forster 4th
Junior Showcase  B Haven Moulds 5th
Senior Showcase Jasmine Biasi 8th
Senior Showcase Courtney McGrath 9th
Senior Showcase Julia Steiner 6th
Pre-Preliminary Music Interpretation A Grace Robinson 2nd
Pre-Preliminary Music Interpretation  B Carson Klein 8th
Preliminary Music Interpretation A Samantha Hadden 4th
Preliminary Music Interpretation  B Dana Zarezankova 1st
Preliminary Music Interpretation  B Danielle Sparrow 5th
Preliminary Music Interpretation C Brittany Erickson 5th
Pre-Juvenile Music Interpretation Madisyn Lamoure 1st
Open Music Interpretation Haven Moulds 5th
High Beginner Teams Toe Picks & Tutus (Megan Lamanna, Anya Markov, Maddy Nelson, Kylie Robinson, Nicole Williams) 2nd
Beginner Teams 4 Guys and A Gal (Kenny Huang, Mitchell Nelson, Jack Rispin, Jerod Sparrow, Gabriella Tsioros) 1st
Pre-Preliminary Teams Maple Leafs (Emily Kemp, Grace Robinson, Edyn Rubbens, Anna Tsatsura, Samantha Tsioros) 3rd
Preliminary Teams  Boots & Blades (Brittany Erickson, Madison Lenchak, Julia Teti, Kassidy Yaeck, Dana Zarezankova) 1st
Pre-Juvenile Teams Neon Nerds (Emiko Arshad, Samantha Hadden, Carson Klein, Jason To, Danielle Sparrow) 3rd
Juvenile Teams Ballerina Babes (Simona Fanuzzi, Madisyn Lamoure, Anastasia Severinets, Cassandra Tremblay, Cassie Tsioros) 4th
Intermediate Teams Dazzling Divas (Yasmine Arshad, Erin Forster, Ashley Guner, Briar Koski, Haven Moulds) 2nd